South Carolina Wildlife

The March/ April Issue of South Carolina Magazine includes an article written by author Janna McMahan, entitled, "Canvases of Conscience," documenting landscape painting and its importance in South Carolina. Here is a small segment of the article:

"Today's artists must commemorate and reveal what is left of our natural heritage. With the battle between wilderness and populationsettled in a decided direction, people will always long for a reminder that a stream can be refreshing, a stretch of beach lonely and pristine, a sunset heart- stopping. For all our desire to be modernand important, we recognize as a society that there is eloquence in natural solitude and that simple things hold joy in our lives. And that little piece of serenity can be captured by an artist's brush and remind us of why we care."

Michael was one of the artists included in this article. Two of his paintings, Shell Island Creek, and Congaree Autumn were featured inside with Shell Island Creek being chosen for the cover art.

Shell Island Creek

Pastel, 23 x 32 inches
"Shell Island Creek" I used the S-shaped curve of the water to guide the viewer from the sandy foreground through the shallow waters of the middle area toward the distant horizon.

Congaree Autumn

Oil, 20 x 16 inches
"Congaree Autumn" was an immediate and overwhelming response to this special place on the river. With an intense use of reds, oranges, and yellows, I sought to immerse the viewer in the total spectrum of fall color.

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