testimonial 1

Thank you for showing me to see beyond what I see and helping me to improve my skills! I learned a lot and am so glad to have met you!
Kelly F
Kingman, AZ

testimonial 2

This was one of the best workshops, ever! We want you back, Michael!
Carol Ann O
Toms River, NJ


testimonial 3

Your great guidance and the tips you shared helped us all to create what we wanted to achieve. You've taught me so much more than I knew when I first walked in the door. Thank you.
Fern D
Green Bay, WI

testimonial 4

Michael's landscapes seem to glow from within. I wanted to learn how to mix and apply oil color so my paintings would be more vibrant and alive. When problem solving with an individual student, Michael often calls other members around to teach a mini-lesson that will be valuable to all. I've taken college level oil classes before, but never learned as much about color.
Jean K
Lexington, SC


testimonial 5

The Michael Story Sky and Water Painting Workshop was a great success. Michael is a very giving instructor and everyone did a great job on their pieces.We WILL have him back!
Barbara T
Winter Park, FL

testimonial 6

I enjoyed your allocation of time for demos, instruction, supervision, and "help." Thanks for your patience, imagination, and kindness. This was a wonderful week in my life!
Malinda G
Hiawassee, GA


testimonial 7

YES, YES, a thousand times YES! I would do another workshop with you in Florida, New England, or New Jersey.
Rosina V
Barnegat, NJ

testimonial 8

Loved it! Great displays and charts. Can't wait to take your painting class next year. Keep up the great work!
Denise D
Stafford, VA


testimonial 9

I hoped to grow a couple of inches as a painter and I grew a yard! Thank you, Michael for all your help, expertise and patience.
Barbara M
Hilliard, FL

testimonial 10

Michael is a master of color. Paint mixing is made so much easier with him to lead you. For a new or developing painter, Michael helps to build your confidence quickly. His criticism is so constructive and I've progressed so much more quickly in his classes.
Jane, B
Blythewood, SC


testimonial 1

I have taken several classes since I started painting and Michael's workshop has been the most helpful. I learned more about painting in 3 days with Michael than in the last 18 months of "coloring" despite other teachers valiant efforts.
Rob B
Fernandina Beach, FL

testimonial 12

This was a different style of painting for me, and something new to implement. I enjoyed your sequence of paintings and how they progressed from beginning to end. I also liked your laid-back attitude in the studio — no stress for us!
Ellen S
Toms River, NJ


testimonial 13

You have a great teaching method of drawing and painting, and your color theory was very helpful. Good instruction for both group and individual. I wouldn't change anything.
Sally J
Hayesville, NC

testimonial 14

Great workshop and hands-on guidance. I would love to take your color exercise workshop you mentioned. Let me know if you are teaching here again next year.
Brenda H
Janesville, WI


testimonial 15

Michael is a personable, positive, and upbeat.He shows patience and treats everyone with respect. Positively a professional- very experienced. In class, what first seems impossible to learn becomes "I can do that."
Mary C
Columbia, SC

testimonial 16

This was a great class with lots of good information for both a beginner or a seasoned artist. Your class has really gotten me interested in oil painting!
Felicia M
Cary, NC


testimonial 17

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and I worked in an entirely different way than I usually do. You were very informative and motivating!
Phyllis A
Freehold, NJ

testimonial 18

Your 5-day workshop was very informative! I appreciate your concise demos and the interest you showed every student. Thanks.
Judy H
Brasstown, NC


testimonial 19

Michael is a talented, knowledgeable, warm, supportive and generous teacher. His sense of color is extraordinary and his handouts and demos are very valuable. I deeply appreciated his feedback and personal attention. Thank you for a great experience.
Chippa M
Newton, MA

testimonial 20

What a great workshop. The best! Michael really helped me with the values and layering the colors. It made so much sense to me. Thank you!
Colleen M
Apopka, FL


testimonial 21

A friend recommended I take Michael's class. I appreciate his kind and patient encouragement with his students. His keen artistic eye enables him to determine the exact colors that should be mixed when painting any subject.
Harriette, E
Columbia, SC

testimonial 22

These days have been miraculous for me and I'm sure for everyone in Michael's class. I'm fortunate to be here. Thanks so much!
Trisha E
Winter Park, FL


testimonial 23

Excellent workshop. I would do it again!Thanks.
Diane S
Toms River, NJ

testimonial 24

I repeatedly return to Michael's classes because he provides solid instruction. He teaches me the basics that I need to learn such as how to hold and move the brush to achieve the desired effect. I will definitely return to his classes and recommend him to my friends. He knows I'll be back.
Anne, S
St. Mathews, SC


testimonial 25

In Michael's workshop, I was impressed by his step-by-step instructions, thorough explanations, and down to earth tips for creating a piece I could be proud of. His energy and genuine personality allowed everyone in the class to shine. I would do another workshop in a heartbeat!
Diane, O
Amelia Island, FL

testimonial 26

I am a realistic painter and I like the work, style, and subject matter Michael chooses. His techniques lend themselves very well to most landscapes and I prefer his methods to those I was first introduced to years ago.
Chris, C
Columbia, SC



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